Tools for Recovery

The Serenity Prayer

Al-Anon suggests the words of the Serenity prayer can help us gain perspective, sort out what we can and can not do, and know when to act and when to let go.

God grant me the Serenity
to Accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can
and Wisdom to know the difference.

The Three Legacies: Al-Anon’s Guiding Principles

Al-Anon has three sets of guiding principles that are referred to as our Three Legacies.  These Legacies were adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous. The Legacies include:


Al-Anon uses slogans to assist members to recover during difficult periods:

  • One Day at a Time
  • Think
  • Let Go and Let God
  • Easy Does It
  • Listen and Learn
  • Together We Can Make It
  • First Things First
  • Live and Let Live
  • Principles Above Personalities
  • Keep It Simple
  • Love, Learn and Grow
  • Progress, Not Perfection
  • How Important Is It?
  • Just For Today
  • Mind My Own Business
  • Keep An Open Mind
  • But for the Grace of God
  • Let It Begin With Me