Phone & Online Meetings

Al-Anon Telephone Meetings

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The Al-Anon Worldwide Telephone Meetings have been around for over 5 years and are registered with Al-Anon’s World Service Office. These meetings were originally established to accommodate the disabled, members without transportation, or those living in remote areas where there are no face to face meetings. They are now an additional tool for all Al-Anon members. They are held exactly like a face to face meeting but in a virtual meeting environment by telephone. There are Internal and long distance charges for landline calls and “minutes used” on your cell phone unless the meeting is in the “free minute’s” time of your plan. It is suggested, as in the Twelfth Step, to carry the message to Al-Anon member about these meetings. All meetings are on the same phone number and access code except for the Spanish Speaking meeting that is listed in the below schedule and are in Eastern Standard Time. The calendar is provided to convert to your time zone. This is the most current schedule and the website is due to be updated in April 2009. Most of the formats for the meeting are on the websites, except the new ones, for those who wish to do service as a trusted servants.

Online Meetings from WSO

On-line Al-Anon meetings cannot replace the human companionship and warmth provided by regular attendance at face-to–face  Al-Anon meetings.  We hope that you find this supplement to be a source of support when it is impossible or impractical to attend regular meetings

From Online Al-Anon Outreach Committee

  • Overview
  • Email Groups
    Probably the easiest way to participate in Online Al-Anon. Anyone who can send and receive email can join these groups.
  • Chat Meetings
    Chat rooms allow you to participate in live “real time” meetings with other members. Some require the downloading of special software, but others do not.
  • Internet Telephony Meetings
    Internet telephony meetings allow members to meet via free conference calls over the Internet and hear the voices of other members during “real time” meetings. These meetings require special software and equipment.